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Pawsies offers Dogpack Group Walk as well as On Call, Evening, and Holiday Walks depending on your fur baby's needs. We do not take your dog to off leash dog parks for your pet's safety. 


All regular Dogpack Group walks are daily Monday to Friday between 10:00am - 2:30pm which is the most in demand time window. Please contact us if you would like walks outside of the primary Midday window.


Contact us for any other needs. 

On Call, Weekend, Holiday, Evening walks are available for regular Dogpack clients depending on our schedule.


We want our walks to be mutually beneficial experience for both our dogs and walkers. Our goal is for our dogs to feel happy, safe, and cared for.

We curate our service to ensure there are no dogs with aggressive tendencies towards people or other dogs. We don't want dogs bullying each other, hurting walkers or strangers. 

We require dogs to have a harness for their safety. Scared or excited dogs can pull themselves out of regular collars with shocking ease and may not listen to us the way they listen to their family. We view ourselves as the protectors of our dogs while we are taking care of them and a harness helps a lot. 

We expect dogs to be well behaved with walkers to maintain the best experience possible for all. A little pulling and barking is fine, these are dogs after all, but consistent disruptive behaviour that can't be changed via positive reinforcement training won't work. We walk happy, playful dogs who are already generally well behaved and ready for walks with kind affectionate walkers. We provide sweet tender care to sweet tender doggies and hope our dogs come to think of us as part of their 'extended pack'.

We curate the experience for small to medium-large dogs and don't walk security breeds. 

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Your dog will be taken on a pack walk with a group of other friendly dogs. Our pack walks are great for doggy socialization and exercise. Dogs naturally enjoy packs so seeing the same friends on a daily basis is fun for them! We try ensure compatibility between dogs that are grouped together. We generally enjoy taking groups to nearby parks/beaches. We like to make our walks a fun adventure experience!

The Dog Pack is available for four to five walks a week. If you only need three walks we offer the Threepack service. We only provide less than three walks a week in the event of cancellations.

The service involves pickup, travel, the full walk time itself, travel home for drop off, and plenty of affection along the way. This excursion has the potential to last a number of hours. Your pup will be returned home happy, treated/snacked, and affectionately pampered! We don't offer exact pickup or drop off times.

Dogs must have their full set of vaccinations and be spayed or neutered to be considered for Dogpack walks. 



(per walk)

45 - 60 minute walk.

4 to 5 walks per week.

$15 each additional dog.



(per walk)


45 - 60 minute walk.

3 walks per week.

$19 each additional dog.


We also offer On Call, Evening, Weekend, and Holidays services for our regular clients getting Dogpack services.


Availability for On Call services is not guaranteed as our regularly scheduled pets take up most of our time. Walks requested 24 hours prior to the day of service count as On Call. This walk will be a Dogpack group or private depending on our schedule of the day. The walks will range from 30 to 45 minutes based on our scheduling.

Evening, Weekend or Holiday walks are also not guaranteed but can be requested and scheduled if we are available.



(per walk)

30 - 45 minute walk.

$17 each additional dog.



(per walk)

30 - 45 minute walk.

$18 each additional dog.



(per walk)

30 - 45 minute walk.

$19 each additional dog.