Our cat sitting service will keep your sweet fur monster happy, fed, and well taken care of while you are away!

We offer pet sitting services on both weekdays and weekends so you can take extended vacations and truly relax knowing your furry one is being looked after!


Each cat sitting visit includes fresh food, water top up, treats, attention, and a litter box change. 

We also offer both insulin injections, and plant watering as additional services.


At Pawsies we know the importance of checking in on your kitty daily to ensure they have enough food/water and to clean their litter boxes while you're away.

We know from experience that cats can get into a lot of trouble out of boredom when they are left alone. We provide your fur baby with plenty of cuddles and attention to ensure they receive stimulation during the day.

Daily updates and photos always included!

Single visits take place in the morning before noon. Second visits happen between 5PM and 10PM. We try to make our arrival time consistent for the duration of our service.




30 min. visit.

Morning Visit

Up to two cats.
$5 each additional cat.



Two daily 30 min. visits.

Morning and Evening Visit

Up to two cats.

$7 each additional cat.



Per 30 min. holiday visit.

Up to two cats.

$10 each additional cat.