How much exercise will my dog get?


Whether out on multiple leashed walks or at a dog park or even playing within the van our our pooches go home exhausted and many even enjoy spending the end of day camp lounging rather than playing. We like to give lots of pets and massages to the sweet furbabies who enjoy them!

What is the vehicle like?


We drive a large extended cargo van with a soft, flat open surface for dogs to lounge and play in. This acts as our mini daycare space when needed. Pooches get lots of treats and baby talk, as well as time to lounge or socialize with other dogs. We've made it so fun most of our dogs eagerly rush to the van every day! Hilariously, some seem to love the van more than the walks!


Your dog will also spend time in the vehicle as we pick up other dogs around the neighbourhood. Our service area is small enough to ensure your dog isn't in the vehicle too long. Our van is temperature controlled so in the event of extreme cold or hot weather we spend time in the back with the dogs and they LOVE it! They get play time with us and of course lots of treats and cuddles! We come out covered in so much dog hair afterwards that we effectively look like dogs ourselves! Woof!


Welcome to Pawsies Day Camp Adventures! We are a premium, mobile Doggy Day Camp with pick up and drop off service included. Adventure, exercise, and socialization are core components of the experience. Essentially it is a mix of daycare and walks! Doggy Day camp! Read below to get a sense of what our adventures look like.

What is the experience in a nutshell?


The day camp takes place roughly between 10am-3pm and lasts a total of 4 hours. Each day is a little different. Your doggy will go on multiple walks of various lengths, mixed with dog park opportunities and relaxing down time. Your dog will meet plenty of other furry friends and have access to water, treats, and lots of love! We like to change up our locations in the neighbourhood so your dog will see and smell new things each day! At the end of the day your dog will be dropped off at your home.

How are you different from other doggy daycares?


Most doggy daycares offer small indoor and outdoor spaces, which may not be ideal for higher energy dogs. At Pawsies Day Camp your dog is outside for the majority of the experience with their Camp Pack. We rotate our walking locations to keep things fresh and adventurous!


Our service also includes pick ups and drop offs at your home. There's no need to worry about getting poochie to Camp before or after work. We've got it covered! If needed, we are able to put out food at your home once doggie is home from Camp.


The four hour experience has proven more than enough time to leave dogs pooped! They have so much fun at camp that they go home tired and ready for a nap!


How will you ensure the safety of my dog?


Your dog's safety and well being is always our number one priority. We have up to date Canine First Aid training from Dog Safe. We are always aware of our physical surroundings as well as outdoor temperatures in order to avoid heat stroke or hypothermia.


Collars with identity tags and harnesses are required at Camp.


We vet dogs for aggression and other poor socialization skills that may result in harm to other dogs. It is very important that everyone is happy and fits into the Camp Pack. Some folks come to us hoping their pups can become more socialized. As long as dogs do not show aggression to humans or other dogs we can usually integrate them just fine! Contact us if you're unsure if your dog's behaviours qualify as aggressive. Barking or play growling doesn't count. We truly mean violent behavior with the intention to injure.


Finally, we have an end of day procedure to clean the van and check the back for dogs to ensure an animal is never left in the vehicle accidentally.


All our services are ongoing, monthly prepay, subscription based. We offer 3 to 5 days a week.

We do not offer temporary or occasional services. We like to establish long term relationships with both our clients and their adorable doggies!

Dog's Portrait


(per day)

20+ days a month.

$31 each additional dog.

Black Pug


(per day)

16+ days a month.

$32 each additional dog.

Dog's Portrait


(per day)

12+ days a month.

$37 each additional dog.

More details below.



There is no need to worry yourself before or after work as pickup and drop off is included! Your dog will be picked up and transported in what we call our adventure van. The large van is like a room packed full of comfy blankets, stuffed toys, balls, and other things to play with. It is wide open with no seats, and designed as a mobile daycare on the way to our multiple daily destinations.  Many of the dogs spend their time playing, chewing toys and rolling around with blankets. Others enjoy sniffing doggy friends and socializing with one another. Some of our dogs have even taken to the van as one of their favorite parts of the day (even over daycare play! Yes it confuses us too!) and are often eager to race back towards it after their adventure walks. It must be the treats we like to hide around the van for them to discover! Or the toys! Or the endless dog party!

Pick ups happen between 10AM to 11AM depending on our daily schedule, traffic and so forth.

Drop offs happen between 2PM to 3PM. Generally the midday 10AM to 2pm window will make up most of the excursion. Due to the nature of the business custom pick up and drop off times are not something we offer. The entire daycare adventure is roughly four hours from pick up to drop off and is meant to keep dogs occupied for the main portion of the work day.


















All dogs are vetted for three days. We have a no aggression policy. We only take on silly, friendly, playful dogs to help alleviate such behavior. We carefully screen our dogs and don’t take on aggressive dogs or security breeds. If a dog excessively rough houses and is very disruptive we can't accept them. Rough house play may occasionally occur as these are dogs after all, and many dogs do love this style of play, but we do discourage anything beyond a little rough housing. 

Dogs must be vaccinated, spayed or neutered. If your dog has not yet been fixed but you have a firm near term plan to do so please contact us as we can make arrangements. 


We are a prepay service.


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