Pawsies offers a premium mobile doggy daycare experience. It is mobile because unlike many other daycares we pick up and drop off your dog! No need to drop off. No need to pick up.

We handle all of it!

Your dog is out much of the work day on four hour daycare excursion mixed with walks with a bunch of friendly dog friends. While you spend your time at work knowing we provide your doggy with hours of entertainment, socializing, and energy burning playtime.

Instead of staying in a industrial unit or commercial storefront

your furbaby is whisked away on a field trip adventure to various trails, parks, and new streets to explore. Away from the cement. Away from the pavement. Away from the buildings. Away from the pollution.


Nothing but fields, grass, trees, and the sweet smells of nature. 

We pick doggies up in a large extended cargo van that is made into a mini daycare room. With no seats, and a large flat surface dogs get to play and socialize the entire time. We frequently hand out treats and plenty of baby talk to all the furbabies we take care of. We've made it so fun most of our dogs eagerly rush to the van every day! 

Socializing and free play are a core component of this experience. We are giving them a large group of good natured, happy doggy playmates whose behavior we carefully vet to ensure a safe, playful experience. 

Treats, water, and a snacks are provided.

Our packs spend the whole day socializing, playing with a pack of other friendly, playful pups. This is why our adventure experience is a great alternative to simple walks or indoor commercial unit daycare. 

Our doggies are adventurers!


All our services are ongoing, monthly prepay, subscription based. We offer 3 to 5 days a week.

Dog's Portrait


(per day)

20+ days a month.

$41 each additional dog.

Black Pug


(per day)

16+ days a month.

$42 each additional dog.

Dog's Portrait


(per day)

12+ days a month.

$46 each additional dog.

More details below.



There is no need to worry yourself before or after work as pickup and drop off is included! Your dog will be picked up and transported in what we call our “Playmobile” van. The large van is like a room packed full of comfy blankets, stuffed toys, balls, and other things to play with. It is wide open with no seats, and designed as a mobile daycare on the way to our multiple daily destinations.  Many of the dogs spend their time playing, chewing toys and rolling around with blankets. Others enjoy sniffing doggy friends and socializing with one another. Some of our dogs have even taken to the van as one of their favorite parts of the day (even over daycare play! Yes it confuses us too!) and are often eager to race back towards it after their adventure walks. It must be the treats we like to hide around the van for them to discover! Or the toys! Or the endless dog party!

Pick ups happen between 8AM to 11AM depending on our daily schedule, traffic and so forth.

Drop offs happen between 2PM to 5PM. Due to the nature of the business custom pick up and drop off times are not something we offer. The entire daycare excursion is roughly six hours from pick up to drop off and is meant to keep dogs occupied for the main portion of the work day.


















All dogs are vetted for three days. We have a no aggression policy. We only take on silly, friendly, playful dogs to help alleviate such behavior. We carefully screen our dogs and don’t take on aggressive dogs or security breeds. If a dog excessively rough houses and is very disruptive we can't accept them. Rough house play may occasionally occur as these are dogs after all, and many dogs do love this style of play, but we do discourage anything beyond a little rough housing. 

Dogs must be vaccinated, spayed or neutered. If your dog has not yet been fixed but you have a firm near term plan to do so please contact us as we can make arrangements. 


We are a prepay service.


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