Home Style Boarding

Pawsies offers a home based dog boarding service for small dogs. No rows of kennels, cages, or cold commercial unit backrooms are found here. We provide a nice, comforting, cosy environment in our apartment for all the furbabies we take care of. Our goal is to replicate a familiar living experience and remove as many stresses and anxieties from your doggies life a possible.


Multiple walks, pee breaks, treats and meals are all included.

With Pawsies home boarding experience there are no hording packs of 40 dogs. To prevent overcrowding our current max vacancy is three small dogs with a 25lb max weight.

Drop off and Pick Up Times

Morning 6AM to 8:30AM

Afternoon and Evening 3PM to 8PM


We provide all snacks and treats. But your dogs regular food and feeding instructions must be brought with them. A full supply of food that will last the duration of their stay must be provided. 


1-7 days                                      $65                            $59    

7-21 days                                    $60                           $54

21+ days                                     $55                           $49

Holidays/Long Weekends      $70

Length of Stay                    Price Per Day         Additional Dogs

Holiday/Peak Season Rate:Discounts, special offers and promotions DO NOT APPLY to holiday visits. A 3-day minimum stay is required to make a reservation that encompasses Peak Season/Holiday days.

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We have a no aggression policy. We only take on silly, friendly, playful dogs to help alleviate such behavior. We carefully screen our dogs and don’t take on aggressive dogs. If a dog excessively rough houses and is very disruptive we can't accept them. Rough house play may occasionally occur as these are dogs after all, and many dogs do love this style of play, but we do discourage anything beyond a little rough housing. 

Dogs must be vaccinated. They must also be spayed or neutered. 


We are a prepay service.